The Important Details Every iPad 2 Owner Should Know Before Jailbreaking

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iPad 2 is considered a second generation iPad and many people find it better than computers and laptops. The device is highly advanced and functional but you can make it more useful by jailbreaking it. Before you make an attempt to modify your iPad 2, it is best that you consider a few things. There are important things that you need to know before jailbreaking your device, and they are all discussed below.

The Legalities

If you are asking whether or not it is legal to jailbreak your iPad 2, then the answer is no. Albeit you can legally jailbreak an iPhone it doesn’t go the same way when it comes to iPads. Jailbreaking an iPad in the United States is a violation against the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

Is The Jailbreak Process Safe?

The jailbreak process can be absolutely safe or detrimental to your device and it depends on the software that you use to do it. There are also steps and preparations that you need to make to ensure that you will have a safe jailbreak process.

What Other iPads Can Be Jailbroken?

Currently you can perform an untethered jailbreak on the following devices:

iPad 1
iPad 2
iPad 3
iPad 4
iPad Mini (Retina as well)
iPad Air

Warranty Issues

Jailbreaking your iPad can void its warranty, and this means you can’t ask support from Apple in case something goes wrong and you end up bricking your device. However, if you can restore the device back to its pre-jailbreak state or factory settings, then you can get things back to normal.

Cydia and Its Impact on Your Device

Cydia is an equivalent to the Apple app store for jailbroken devices and it offers a wide variety of apps. After modifying your device, Cydia will appear as an app and you can use it to download and install apps.

Will the Modification Destroy My iPad?

No, just as long as you use Cydia apps that have been updated to be used for iPad. You need to make sure that you refrain from downloading malicious apps as they can brick your device. It is also important to note that there has not been any certainty about how your jailbroken device can work with future upgrades.

The Apps Available for Free

One of the many reasons why people want to jailbreak their iPad 2 is because of the extensive range of free apps that could be made available for them. You too can take advantage of the games and popular apps for free if you jailbreak your device. Even if you will be able to download new apps, you do not have to fret as you can still use your old apps.

The Known Bug

If you find your device looking crazy with the dock in the bottom-left corner becoming tiny then it can be a bug. You can just go to the SBSettings menu and respring or simply restart your device. This will help go things back to normal.

These are just some of the important things that you need to know before jailbreaking your iPad 2. You can restore your device to factory settings in iTunes if you want to get rid of all the traces of your jailbreaking activity.

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The Most Popular and Useful Apps for Jailbroken iPads

Jailbreaking an Apple device such as an iPad can be challenging or easy, and it depends on what tool or jailbreak process you use to do it. The challenge doesn’t stop after you have already jailbroken your device, as you need to ensure that you make it the best jailbroken iPad it can be. To do this, you need to use the most functional apps that you can install from Cydia. Below are the top five functional apps for a jailbroken iPad.

The Top 5 Most Functional Apps for a Jailbroken iPad


This is a complete file manager works by letting you gain complete access to the files of your jailbroken iPad. It works the same way as the Finder on a desktop Mac. If you want to manage and customize your files after the jailbreak, then this app is for you. With the use of this app, you can quickly navigate through your iPad’s file system using multiple tabs. You can even even view many types of files such as movies, images, text, sound, Microsoft and Apple iWork files, compressed formats, and PDF’s.


This app allows you to make a them and alter the design of various iOS elements. There are many Winterboard themes that you can install on your device and they are available in Cydia. The best Winterboard themes that are available are the Redes7gn, iOS 8 Infinity iPad Theme, M’Flat Icon Pack, DNA Theme iPad,and Ghost theme. You can use the Redes7gn theme if you want to fix the inconsistencies in the appearance of iOS 7 in your iPad. If you want custom made icons that offer real life images, then you can use the M’Flat Icon Pack.


The autocorrect feature can be helpful but many people find it rather annoying. If you are one of the many individual who do not want to encounter ridiculous results when typing, then you can use an app called manualcorrect. The manual correct is the reverse of autocorrect and it works by automatically correcting the word you misspelled. It highlights the misspelled word first to allow you to see and manually correct them. Disabling the auto correct feature won’t do any good as it will also deactivate your device’s ability to suggest corrections.


This multitasking interface is ideal for the big screen of iPad devices and it allows you to see the running apps in the same manner as you are browsing multiple tabs in Safari. You can trigger this tweak using the Activator action that you choose. You can also use it as an alternative to the native multitasking method of iOS. You can scroll left and right to quickly switch.


Using infiniapps will make you love your iPad more. You can use the infinidock that allows you to lessen the times you swipe between pages over 90%. If you have the infinifock, you can add and use many icons into a dock, place all your most used apps in one place, and avoid swiping between pages. The infiniboard is another option that allows you to scroll up and down while the infinifolders allow you to have many icons for your folder.

There are many other apps available for you to choose from after jailbreaking your iPad such as Springtomize, Barrel, AlertArtist, Graviboard and a lot more. You can make your iPad the best jailbroken device by using any of these apps.

3 Reasons Why You Must Purchase Refurbished iPads From Apple

The first generation iPad is known as the original iPad. When it first came out, people considered it as the most successful tablet. Compared with iPad 4, the original was bigger and heavier. Even though the first generation is getting old, it’s still expensive.

If you don’t have such device yet and you want to own one now but you want to save a little money to pick it up, then you might want to purchase yourself a refurbished iPad (which isn’t jailbroken yet as you’ll have to do that yourself using our tutorials). That is, if you don’t need the latest model and advanced features of iPad 4. The refurbished version is a good choice.

Of course, you can always purchase a used iPad anywhere. But your best bet is to buy it from Apple. Here are the reasons:

  1. It comes from a company that makes the iPad.

Some users of this device returned their units because of defects and they’re still under warranty to Apple. Before Apple re-sell those units, they first repair them using genuine parts and test them to make sure they’re good as new.

By choosing Apple, you can shop refurbished iPad with confidence.

  1. It comes with a new battery.

Apple doesn’t only repair returned iPads but they also replace the battery. Unlike other refurbished items from a third-party company, refurbished tablets from Apple include brand-new battery inside. Apart from that, the outer shell has also been replaced before being sold as a refurbished iPad.

  1. It is covered with a full warranty.

That is, you’ll get one-year warranty. Yes, it’s the same as having a new iPad. When you purchase it from other companies, you’ll only get 90-day warranty. Worse, the refurbished items will only have a warranty of 30 days.

The refurbished iPads from Apple include a great selection of models. But don’t expect to find the latest model of iPads. However, the refurbished ones can run iOS 7. Also, you can find versions with Wi-Fi only and Wi-Fi with cellular capacity.

For those reasons mentioned above, it’s just wise to purchase refurbished iPad from Apple. You can be sure of the quality. You’ll also feel confident that you’re making a safe purchase.

4 Tips To Maximize The Features Of Your iPad Mini

The iPad mini is, well, smaller than the original version of Apple’s tablet and other generations of iPad. With its plenty of useful and advanced features, you can say that it’s almost a perfect tablet. Even though there are several competitors mushrooming here and there, the iPad mini is still the king for mini tablets.

In order to get the most out of it, here are some tips to help you take control over your device.

  1. Assign a volume limit

This feature isn’t as helpful as you think if you don’t have little ones around. However, if you have kids who are fond of using your mini, then you can save their ears from being damaged by setting a volume limit.

To assign a limit, go to the Settings menu. Look for the Music icon. From there, find an option that says “Volume limit.” Then, set your preference.

  1. Turn off the sounds of your keyboard

The “click click click” sound that you hear each time you press a button can be a cool thing for some. However, if you don’t want to hear such sound or if you wish to save battery, then you should turn the sound off.

To do this, go to Settings menu. Tap on Sound icon. Locate Keyboard Clicks option. Then, turn it off. You could also jailbreak your iPad mini device, in order to gain access to better apps that will help you to greatly save on battery.

  1. Lock orientation on iPad mini

If you’re tired of your mini flipping around each time you move it, then you could try locking its orientation.

To lock its orientation, tap the Home button twice. You’ll find an app screen at the bottom. Swipe it to the left. A landscape lock button on the left part of the screen will appear. Tap it to lock or unlock.

  1. Put restrictions

Setting restrictions on your iPad mini is a great feature especially if other people also use this device. By putting restrictions, you can ask it to require a password each time a new app is installed. A password is also needed to access the camera.

To set restrictions, simply go to Settings. Tap the General icon. Go to Restrictions. Turn it on and enter a passcode. Before exiting, make sure that you set what apps you want to restrict.

Awesome Things That You Can Do With The iPad 3

iPad 3 is the 3rd generation of iPad. Apart from the already cool uses of the original tablet, Apple offers additional list of cool features making this device a great gadget for individuals and families. It’s also a perfect device that you can have when surfing the web while lying or sitting on your couch. It comes with an excellent eReader. Plus, with its new features, you can use it as your GPS device for your own car.

Here are some things that you can do with this 3rd generation iPad without jailbreaking it.

  1. Watch video in high definition

Unlike its predecessors, iPad 3 lets you watch 1080p video. And if you’re fond of purchasing videos from iTunes Store, you can already find 1080 p videos. Should you wish to watch them on big screen, you can just connect your iPad to your Apple TV.

  1. Record 1080p video

In addition to having the ability of watching 1080p video, you can also record a video with high quality. The iPad 3 has a 5mp back-facing camera that can shoot 1080p video.

Its automatic video stabilization resolves the issue of having trouble keeping the device still while you record certain scenes. The colors are more accurate. Thanks to its hybrid infrared filter.

You can also import songs from Garage Band or watch movie trailers through iMovie app.

  1. Browse the Internet faster

The iPad 3 supports 4G LTE. If you have fast Internet connection, you can also take advantage of it using this device. With super-charged connection, you can enjoy watching movies online. This means less watching videos buffer.

  1. Play games

If you’re a hardcore gamer, you can maximize iPad 3 and use its Retina Display to play your favorite games. Hardcore gaming is possible. Thanks to its quad-core processor and updated chipset.

Apart from these, there are other things that you can do with iPad 3 to maximize its potential. You just have to continue exploring its features and you’ll realize that this device is already a gem. Although Apple has already released iPad 4 and iPad 5, iPad 3 will continue to be a great device.